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When negotiating and making a contract, it is important to envisage all legal risks to secure your business. Yet, it is a challenge and that’s why professional legal advice is essential.

We are happy to offer you high quality transaction advisory services for the following contracts:

  • Sale and purchase;
  • Lease;
  • Distribution;
  • Agency;
  • Service;
  • Transportation;
  • Gift;
  • Pledge and mortgage;
  • License;
  • Operational and financial lease;
  • Loan and storage / warehousing agreements etc.
  • Registration, re-registration, liquidation and bankruptcy of legal entities;
  • Consulting on taxation and transfer pricing;
  • Legal audit and examination of internal documents of the company (foundation documents, employment contracts, employment policies and procedures, other HR documentation);
  • Drafting employment contracts and other internal documents of the Client;
  • Creation of an effective corporate strategy;
  • M&A, restructuring;
  • Supporting secretariat services:
    • Professional legal translation services on various languages. See our fees
    • Notarial services.

Besides, the extensive professional experience and knowledge of our specialists in the areas of jurisprudence, marketing, logistics and development activity will assist you in negotiations and dispute settlement with business partners to secure more favourable conditions for your Company.

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