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Organisation of public bidding or auctions is important for efficient sale of assets or enforcement of a creditor’s right to debt settlement.

We are happy to offer our services in organization of public bidding and auctions for sale of assets (including as part of bankruptcy proceedings) such as land plots, real estate and other movable property of legal entities and natural persons.

Our lawyers will prepare the auction documentation, publish advertisements in mass media and internet, carry out bidding on such terms that will be more favourable for the Client and execute the minutes of the auction results. Furthermore, our specialists can provide high quality legal support services for subsequent transactions with the assets sold during the auction.

If you entrust organization of the public bidding and auction to our team, you will save your time and get the best services available on the market, including:

  • Preparation of the auction documentation;
  • Assessment of the auction assets;
  • Publication of advertisements in mass media and internet;
  • Bidding process;
  • Follow-up legal support of transactions.


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